Our Investments

Our Invesments

Almonds are known with their durable tree trunk and build with strong resistant to harsh climatic conditions. Our lands in Ankara – Kalecik for our almonds are perfect for this fruit.  Our almond forest is located in Ankara the capital of Turkey.  82.000 almond trees are planted in 2565 decares of land of our company. 

Worlds one of the best grapes are known as Uzbek grapes. Thats why we had to plant those seedlings to Turkey’s small city Kalecik which is known with it’s soft soil and  soft winds which is important for grape’s taste. Our grape vineyard is spread over 400 decares of land. This lovely vineyard has 120,000 grape seedlings planted. 

Walnut is a delicate fruit that loves temperate climate and needs soft soil for propagation of tree roots. Our Walnut forest is one of biggest in the world. It includes 145.000 walnut trees that spread over 8000 decares of land.