10.000.000 m²

 field of agriculture


tons of montly production


years of experience

About us

a labor story

Our chairman, launched HHY GROUP company in 2011 with his experience thanks to 2 generations of family business that focused on dried fruits & nuts. He firstly invested on agriculture to grow Almonds, Walnuts and Raisins; and then he built a dried fruit & nuts factory to processing those we harvest and more. Afterwars he launched a water factory. Right now HHY GROUP is being managed by 2 generations Hasan Hüseyin YÜCEL and his son Muhammed Fatih YÜCEL.

“Whatever job you are given, let it be beneficial to humanity.”

~ Tapduk Emre (a Turkish dervish)


We are farmers that work with joy, we produce a special type of raisin called ‘heaven raisin’ that has no seeds in it with delicious taste. 

We are growing our 130.000 walnut trees that are more than spread over in our 6.000 m2 field.

We are cultivating our almond trees spread over 2.000 m2 field with labor and joy.

Dried Fruits & Nuts Factory

10.000 tons of montly production

In our facility there are packaging machines for doypack, quadro pack, pillow pack and vacuumed pack. We can pack in all package weights from 20 grams to 20 kilograms.

Special Recipes & Special Tastes

Water Factory

Water is source of life, we are producting top quality water products with various packaging options. We produce vitamin water with flavour and natural spring water. 

Construction & Real Estate

We are not building houses we are building the life style.


We are looking forward to hear from you and have new business associations